Mid-Levels East
1800 sq feet

A building with over fifty years of history. We wanted to revitalise the apartment and modernise the layout so it is more suited to the client’s needs. As per the client’s wish, additional powder room for guest use and two en-suites were created.

A feature glass partition was used to seclude the foyer and to add privacy from the lift lobby when the main door is open. Immediately upon entering the apartment, you are embraced by the welcoming ambience of the foyer. The low foyer accentuates the height of the main living area as you step in. The ceiling has been lowered and wrapped wall to ceiling in natural wood which also conceals the beam and essential storage space.

In the dining area, there is a feature wall painted in a warm hue. Not only does this act as a focal point but it also minimizes the existence of the adjacent main bedroom door. Continuity from the living room to the dining room is enhanced further by a concealed door to the master bedroom.

The entrance of the study has been widened so it does not obstruct the flow from the living room. Not only does it feel more spacious but also creates a sense of continuity. It could be closed off by sliding doors should extra privacy is needed or it could equally function well as a guest room.

Thought has been given to every detail to enhance the illusion of space. Looking from the dining area, your eyes are drawn to the half glass wall adjacent to the raised breakfast table. The glass allows a view of the kitchen beyond and cleverly creates an illusion of space.

The master bedroom has the feel and comfort of a hotel. A unique curve glass wall was used to soften the corners of the dressing room and allows light to penetrate through. In the en-suite, floor tiles that imitate a soft rug was used and the wall tiles gives a feeling that it has an artistic plaster applied to achieve the same cosy and warm ambience as the bedroom.

In the newly added powder room, a darker wood plastic laminate was used to wrap the walls and the curved sink cabinets, giving the room a lovely warm atmosphere. The combination of wood panelling and warm hue feature wall. Mixing grey hues with dark wood furniture and injecting bronze as a contrast, makes this home warm and inviting, yet it still has the feeling of sophistication and elegance.


2024 International Design Award (U.S.) – Honorable Mention in Residential Category


A reconfigured layout, together with aesthetically pleasing details transforms this fifty year old apartment into a timeless, sophisticated and elegant home that is perfect for the client’s needs.