Shaw Movie City

Shaw Movie City

Hong Kong
14290 sq feet

Shaw studios building’s exterior consists of slanted lines, giving it a sense of movement.

To give a sense of consistency, on the layout plan we pursue with this feeling of movement and flow, the reminiscent of the curves of a film roll, which represents the history of client’s film industry.

The office area is constructed with a relaxed gallery feel in mind, to create a feeling of space and tranquility. The curvy walls, not only bring a sense of flow and energy to the space, but the curved alcoves are perfect for exhibiting the client’s artworks.

The original ceiling is low, only 2600mm. Light troughs are used running up the curved walls, strengthening the idea of flow and adding an illusion of height. 


Curved lines are echoed throughout, from the oval-shaped seating layout in the reception waiting area to the oval-shaped conference room constructed with a curved glass wall, complementing the surrounding space. 


The wavy walls lead us to the library cum lounge room. The giant oval-shaped lighting accentuates the client’s current project models below. It can easily be adjusted to create different moods and atmosphere. Oval light troughs surround the giant lighting to further enhance the feeling of flow and movement. 


2021 A&D Awards (HK) Shortlisted in Best Workplace

2021 A’Design Award (Italy) – Bronze in Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category

2020 International Design Award (U.S.) – Honorable Mention in Commercial Category

2020 American Architecture Masterprize (U.S.) –  Honorable Mention in Interior Design / Workplaces

Shaw Movie City

The feeling of movement and flow, like the curves of a film roll, which represents the history of the client’s film industry.